Join Fleet 5

To become a part of Fleet 5, become an Active Member, an Associate Member, or ask your boat’s owner to get you on our crew email distribution list. 

Become a Member

Both the J/105 Class Association and Fleet 5 have two types of members: Active and Associate.

Active Members own at least a one-third interest in a J/105. However, there can only be one Active Member per boat. Active Members may drive in J/105 events and are entitled to vote on matters put before the Members.  

Associate Members may be: 

  • Owners who are not Active Members 
  • Family or crew members 
  • Other people who pay dues to the Class 

An Associate Member may drive in J/105 events under certain conditions and may vote on behalf of an Active Member with his or her permission (a “proxy vote”). 

Unless you plan to drive the boat, you do not need to be either an Active or Associate Member to be part of Fleet 5.  “Membership” is only a distinction we make for compliance with the J/105 class rules.

Get on Our Crew Distribution List 

Fleet 5 has a “Crew” email distribution list. This is the best way to get notified about Fleet 5 events.

You don’t need to be an Active Member or Associate Member to be on this list, but you need to be invited by an owner.  If you would like to be added to the list, please ask the one of the owners of your boat to contact us. 

Pay Membership Dues

The Class has annual dues for both Active and Associate Members for each calendar year.   

Fleet 5 dues for Active Members are $125 annuallyWe do not have dues for Associate Members. 

To pay your Fleet 5 dues, please use Zelle.  Send the funds to and include your boat name in the Message to Recipient field.  

If your bank does not support Zelle or you would prefer to mail a check, please mail it to: 

Ross McLean
Secretary, J/105 Fleet 5
1631 S. Michigan Avenue, Apt. 404
Chicago, IL 60616