I was lucky enough to get an invite from Jon Weglarz to sail with him in Key West for the Southernmost Regatta. Its timing was impeccable as it aligned with a cold snap in Chicago. The crew was Jon on Helm, Sean Wilson on Main, Joey Sacconi on headsail trim, Beth Cushing in Pit, Danielle on Bow, and I was on Mast.

Day 1:
The setting was beautiful, turquoise water with the occasional dolphin or sea turtle sighting. Key West literally had the best weather in the country. The only problem, no other J105s made the trip! So, we were put in a class with a J120 from North Carolina. Our competition on Emotion was tough and with their 5 feet of additional waterline they promptly left us in their wake.

After a couple of legs of dodging crab pots by ourselves, we started to have to dodge the competitive J111 fleet as they caught up with us. The first day was a clean sweep for Emotion. But our new friends from South Carolina were game for mixing it up. 

Day 2:
Emotion and the excellent Southernmost Regatta Race Committee agreed to setup a pursuit race. So, Emotion would start a few minutes ahead and we would do our best to chase them down. This made the racing tighter and much more fun. 

Day 3:
Lay day that we used to explore the island and get some Key Lime Pie.



Day 4: 

Our racing came together, and we finally won the day!!

Day 5:
Race was postponed for lack of wind. The Asylum made the most of the day by going out to fish.